Finance Extra November Expenses with Personal Loans

Finance Extra November Expenses with Personal Loans

After a September slope in which it may have been necessary to carry out extra expenses headed with the return to school and a month of October with little extra expenses due to the payment of personal loans or credit cards for the September expenses, the month of November begins with a new slope that will end at the end of January due to the increase in expenses at home and the approaching Christmas, time of extra expenses for excellence.

The extra expenses in November are led by the increase in consumption of gas and electricity in the home and the beginning of purchases for next Christmas, which is the time of higher extraordinary expenses. That is why we have to adjust the expenses to our income as much as possible. In this article we will explain where it is possible to cut expenses in the home and if they exceed our income where to apply for loans to finance them.

How and where to cut expenses in the home?

How and where to cut expenses in the home?

With the arrival of the cold, households increase spending significantly and this together with extra expenses make families are in a month more than complicated. But it can also be a great opportunity to cut expenses in the home and thus leave room for extra expenses.

The houses are a source of fixed expenses that must be paid every month and that make our salary deflate to a great extent. It is possible to lower these expenses by putting a little interest following this series of tips:

1. ADSL and fixed telephone expenses:

Most households have contracted ADSL rates that do not adapt to their real needs, having connection speeds much higher than what they really need. Many also have old rates with prices much higher than those that are currently being offered, so the first advice to save at home is to review the contract and the characteristics of the ADSL and the telephone.

2. Mobile phone expenses:

The case of the mobile phone is very similar to the ADSL and telephone, we may have contracted a flat rate that we are not squeezing or our rate is very old, so we are paying more. It is recommended to check the offers offered by the different mobile phone companies and if it is necessary to carry out a portability contracting the service that we are going to use.

3. Gas and electricity:

Gas and electricity are the expenses that will penalize us the most in November, so it is advisable to improve the energy efficiency of homes, checking the places where temperature is lost. It is also possible to obtain better prices by comparing the different offers offered by energy companies.

4. Insurance:

Insurance is a product for which it is possible to save on expenses at this time, as there are increasing offers due to the great competition that exists in the sector. The best way to obtain better prices in insurance is on the Internet, through insurance comparators. It is also possible to review the coverage and hire those that adapt to our real needs, such as in car insurance or home insurance.

5. Financial expenses:

The banking entities are another great source of expenses in the home that are made without our noticing. Our recommendation is to contract current accounts without commissions, such as the payroll account offered by a large number of entities, where besides not having commissions you can benefit from good advantages. In addition, choosing the credit cards that suit our needs without generating extra expenses is the most convenient.

How to obtain financing for extra expenses?

How to obtain financing for extra expenses?

Now, if it is not possible to assume the extra expenses in these months it is possible to obtain financing for it in different ways. The main thing is to choose the way to obtain financing for the extra expenses that best suits our needs and make it possible to return the money on time and without making any additional effort. Among the ways to obtain financing for the extra expenses are the following:

1. Credit cards:

Credit cards are the most used way to obtain financing for extra expenses in purchases, so they are ideal for shopping for Christmas and pay in convenient monthly installments. It is also possible to obtain cash credit from credit cards at ATMs.

2. Fast online credits and microcredits:

Through online microcredits it is possible to get up to € 800 in 10 minutes easily and without leaving home thanks to online platforms that offer quick money. They are used to finance the months that we have extra expenses. It is also possible to request fast loans online, where it is possible to obtain up to € 10,000 in 24 hours without doing any paperwork and returning the loan in comfortable monthly installments. To apply for these financial products you do not have to comply with great requirements.

3. Pre-approved loans:

The pre-granted loans are a very interesting banking product to finance extra expenses in these autumn months, since we can get the amount of money that our bank offers us instantly and only pay interest for the time that we have had in our possession.

4. Personal loans:

Finally, there are personal loans, where it is possible to obtain money in a week through banking entities. The problem with this product today is the lack of credit from these entities that makes the requirements to obtain it greater and in many cases it is necessary to look for other ways to obtain financing.