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Loans revised

Who doesn’t want to take advantage of the low interest rates? Also and especially if you already have a (more expensive) loan. The financial markets are in full swing. However, before you proceed to review your loan (s), you must assess whether it is interesting to take out a new loan in your specific situation, […]

Is borrowing dangerous? | Cheap Loan

Taking out a loan does not entail any real dangers, but you do have to take a look at your financial situation. A loan naturally entails a responsibility. Every month you have to pay an amount and a bank wants security for that. That’s why we figured out what the do’s and don’ts are when […]

Apply for a loan from a bank.

The Schufa points trouble getting a loan from a bank? On the Internet, you will find agents who apply for loans from a bank or bank on behalf of a client. has the opportunity to apply for a loan. Jump to Who can apply for a loan from a bank? Unlike in Germany, a loan […]

Failure to repay: what you need to know

Depending on the expenses you are trying to finance, be it for your car, your home or any other type of personal property, some personal loans can take tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for years to pay off. Unfortunately, many potential borrowers forget something important when they want funding. When you have […]

Termination loan after 10 years sample letter

Model for the repayment of loans with more or less than 10 years fixed interest. Mostly, the desire for a more favorable connection interest rate is in the foreground. We are happy to answer your questions about the special termination right in real estate financing according to §489 BGB. With a notice period of six […]

Unemployed loan without co-applicant

Credit for unemployed people without competitors Direct credit without credit agency for the unemployed: still a competitor, who takes up the credit directly for them. unemployed. To the loan thanks to co-applicants; Neutral request without private credit entry. By no means all banks provide loans for apprentices, especially not without competitors for collateral. An unemployed […]

Urgent loan: fast and uncomplicated credit offer

Specialized in financing for private for many years, Multicrédit offers services focused primarily on simplicity and speed . Looking for an urgent and fast personal credit? We take care of your file! What are the deadlines for obtaining an offer? In general, we are able to make a proposal within 2 days of completion of […]

Special loan: our individual credits

Looking for a personal loan? Benefit from a solution based on your specific needs and borrow freely from 3’000 to 300’000 Chf with an individual credit over 12 to 84 months. Flexible conditions that adapt to any project Our success is based on a solid experience of many years in the business that a strategy […]